A blend of resident teachers and visiting teachers lined up for a consistent but diverse practice.


Natasha Sidhu. Founder. Ayurvedic Counsellor. Practicing Bikram since 2009. Teaching since 2014. Cannot live without this practice and had to build a studio to live in Maine and share it with everyone here.


Jackie Just. From Maine to Colorado to Costa Rica and back to Maine, Jackie is here to share her beautiful sequencing and practice of Prana Vinyasa under the Shive Rea style. You’ll enjoy the creative yet steady gradual flowing of the practice. In Costa Rica she fell in love with the way the heat and humidity allowed her to find greater depth in her asana practice and discover the benefits of a heated practice. Upon returning to Maine’s unpredictable climate she has found comfort in the warm and nurturing environment found at the Steamy Buddha and encourages all students to invite the heat into their practice with an open mind.


Jim Thompson. Love of creating homes and lives Bikram as a way of life. You’ll love his low resonating voice and whole being. Practicing since 2002. Teaching since 2014.


Visiting Teachers to Steamy Buddha


Nick Graham. May16-23 Interior Designer. Bikram healed his imbalances that gave him an ischemic stroke. Full passion and full hearted. Made me feel I belonged. Practicing since 2010. Teaching since 2014. Don’t be fooled by his funky photo. The guy is a big huge sweetheart. Coming from San Francisco.


Rupi Ghuman. Oct17-Jan6, 2020

Bikram teacher since 2012. Trained in Shivanda, Vinyasa, Yin and Fusion Hot Yoga. With all her experience, she still loves the Bikram 90min session - “We literally come to watch ourselves evolve and see our practice evolve from breath to breath in front of the mirror…as we reach to that simplicity, inner happiness and good energy when we get in touch with ourselves on the mat”. This lady inspired me to reach for the stars and have the self belief to go for teacher training when she was teaching Bikram back in Jakarta years ago. A full cycle with her coming here to teach.


Ana Hernandez. May28-July25 Practicing since 2011, teaching since 2013. Ana hails from Colombia and France. Trained in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Shivananda yoga. This lady walks, talks and breathes yoga. Ever want to visit the Dalai Lama - talk to her for tips.


Steve Rogers. June12-Oct20 Practicing since 2002. Teaching since 2004. Bikram helped him balance himself spiritually, mentally and emotionally better than any other yoga and anything else in life he’s tried. Steve has gone through physical, mental and spiritual challenges and loves this yoga to it’s essence.