Steamy Flow - Vinyasa Sat 10am

Constant flow in a gradual repertoire that conditions the body and mind to deepen and open. Prana Vinyasa influenced by Shiva Rea style with comfortable heat (less than Bikram) so you turn inward with the beat and flow to music. Sequencing that goes layer by layer, slowly conditioning the body to gradually open and lead up to a peak pose.

Slow Vinyasa Flow - Tues 6pm

A slower paced flow of Prana Vinyasa Shiva Rea style, similar to Steamy Flow but at a much slower, languid pace in a warm, cozy room.


YIN YOGA Sundays 6pm by Ana Hernandez, followed by Rupi Ghuman, October onwards

With a yoga practice we look to find balance. We and everything around us, have a yang or masculine energy and a yin or feminine energy. During the yin practice you will surrender, relax your muscles and let time and gravity slowly release your body, stretch your joints, ligaments and your fascia. Helping you connect and develop a better awareness of what is moving and changing in your body. Experience a meditate state during this 90 minutes.

Bikram Buddha Beats.png


Every Friday 5.30pm. Bikram style class 75 min following the beat of a strong rhythm to music. Ever wish you had somewhere exciting to go on a weekend/ week night that made you move and sweat and have a good time? This is it. I call this my ‘healthy clubbing’. More relaxed and fun atmosphere, still a strong practice, dark room with twinkie lights. Working your body.

Bikram Buddha Beats Morning Flow 6.15am morning classes are designed to give you a practice that eases you into the day.